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Apple Supports Terrorism

This year, nearly all of us have seen the big argument between Apple and FBI. The bureau requested Apple an iPhone 5c that previously belonged to the terrorist Syed Farook who commited the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. However, Apple refused to unlock the phone, justifying that “the company protects privacy of their customers”. Then it described in detail, that since iOS 8 and above, Apple doesn’t hold the encryption keys for the devices. Unlocking such device would force the company to decrypt its new privacy technology, making it useless. Continue reading

Unboxing – Huawei Watch

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding the track ‘Sandboxing’, I used this beat as a song for my unboxing of the new Huawei Watch. Being absolutely honest, these are the best looking smartwatch I have ever seen and used. When it comes to the unboxing, it’s an absolutely beautiful experience since the Huawei Watch comes bundled in a luxury box which may remind you more of a traditional watch than a modern electronics. The same applies for the design of the watch itself, whose body is made primarily from 316L Stainless Steel and the Sapphire Crystal that protects the AMOLED screen beneath it. Continue reading

Sandboxing (Trap / Hip-Hop)

This is my newest beat. I chose to focus on some hip-hop and trap style recently and this is one of the tracks that I think sounds pretty good. Of course, I believe there’s still a way to gain more skills in this area. As for the track ‘Sandboxing’ itself, I made it using GarageBand on my Mac. Also, used it as a song for my recent Huawei Watch Unboxing. Hope you’ll enjoy this! 🙂 Continue reading

iPod touch in 2015: Meet the entry-level Apple Music device

For past few years it looked like iPods are definitely dead and Apple won’t do nothing new with them. Last year it silently killed the legendary iPod classic and it looked like similar fate will await other iPod devices. Moreover, current generation of iPods was announced in 2012, which means three years ago. But now the situation looks like Apple will change the way people see iPods. Continue reading