GTA3: First Builds

GTA3: First Builds is my first big project since my failure with VCBE, a.k.a. Vice City Beta Edition. This project has been developed secretly since fall 2012, when I figured out how to change the graphics of the game to make it look like it was supposed to look like in early phases of GTA3 development. And when I did some first notable changes to the graphics, it was clear that this is the mod I will do. But I decided to keep it secret as I didn’t have and I still don’t have much time. Thus, First Builds are developed mostly during weekends. Currently the project is very near to it’s completion, which is the main reason why I already announced it two months ago.

First of all, the mod will include just Portland Island, which is completely retextured and modified. The same applies to vehicles, which now look way more cartoonish than ever. And maybe it will apply to Claude himself. I originally wanted to recreate more than one island. Actually I planned to recreate Portland and Staunton Island, but I scrapped the idea, since there was pretty much nothing known about the latter. And First Buiilds is focused primarily on cartoonish graphics, which is the reason why I removed the not-so-cartoony Staunton Island from here. The mod is also developed for Mac and the development of the Mac version is quick, which is caused by the fact that I’m using just the GTA3 game, with no other stuff like SweetFX and so on.

But maybe after finishing First Builds, I may focus on recreating the Staunton Island too, though this will require recreating the Portland once again. The good message is, it will be more closer to the final version of game. The bad is, it will be time consuming and way more slower, since I will be doing two island instead of one.

Logo – Justl like in many other cases, First Builds changed its logo a couple of times. However, only two logos were seen publicly, since the latest replaced the second one that was, in the end, too simple:

First Builds logo 1

First Builds

First Builds


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