iPod touch in 2015: Meet the entry-level Apple Music device

For past few years it looked like iPods are definitely dead and Apple won’t do nothing new with them. Last year it silently killed the legendary iPod classic and it looked like similar fate will await other iPod devices. Moreover, current generation of iPods was announced in 2012, which means three years ago. But now the situation looks like Apple will change the way people see iPods.

It’s kinda simple – the main reason you will be buying an iPod touch, is to have an entry level device for Apple Music. Basically, iPod has old 2012 hardware which is currently low-class and even newer versions of iOS don’t run smoothly there. But, Apple chose to give them one last version of iOS, which is the iOS 9 – the system that will be here for another year and already gives you option to use Apple Music. And since iPods are music devices and Apple wants you to use it’s new service, I think it’s imminent that Apple will now market the Touch as entry-level Apple Music device.

Plus it looks like Apple will stop marketing the device as a camera (as new renders don’t show components for the iPod touch loop). Then, because of music being in cloud and iPod being WiFi-only device, it’s possible that new iPod will include only 8GB of storage and will be sold under 200 USD. For a low price you’ll get a beautiful piece of electronics, three months of your favorite music for free and then a mind-blowing Beats 1 Radio that is just as cool as the golden iPod touch option that is going to be released soon.

iPod touch is not entry-level iOS device anymore. iPod touch is the entry-level Apple Music device.

iPod leak

*Photo: 9to5mac


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