Unboxing – Huawei Watch

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding the track ‘Sandboxing’, I used this beat as a song for my unboxing of the new Huawei Watch. Being absolutely honest, these are the best looking smartwatch I have ever seen and used. When it comes to the unboxing, it’s an absolutely beautiful experience since the Huawei Watch comes bundled in a luxury box which may remind you more of a traditional watch than a modern electronics. The same applies for the design of the watch itself, whose body is made primarily from 316L Stainless Steel and the Sapphire Crystal that protects the AMOLED screen beneath it.

One thing that I have to say is, that Huawei Watch charger is slightly bigger than the charger that comes bundled with Apple Watch, making it incompatible with docks and stands that were made for Apple Watch. However, the box itself is so beautiful that you might probably end up using it as a place to hide your Huawei Watch every time you go to sleep. Also, for preventing of appearing ghosts on the screen, you should turn off the screen by double-clicking the side button. Not only it will longer the lifetime of your Watch’s AMOLED screen, it will also spare some battery percentage. As for the battery life, you will most probably charge your Watch every night during the week or once per weekend as I do. However, the battery life is one of things I will focus on more after releasing the review.


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