Photos taken with iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is an old device nowadays, but it’s camera can still have a better use than selfies. These are some pictures I took last summer in Paris. Last two photos were not edited, only the HDR was on.

Hallway at Versailes

Notre Dame taken with iPhone 4

Sunset in Paris


Review – Samsung Gear 2

With all the smartwatches on market, I think it would be fine if I focused on reviewing some of those most interesting. I’ve been reviewing some Samsung Gear devices already last year on Samsung Magazine and now i’m bringing the review here in English language.
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Black Sun EP – Tracklist

“Black Sun” is a short album i’m working on right now. Well, in fact, it’s more like a continuous mix of tracks I’m working on right now, but I’m about to publish on SoundCloud and maybe on Apple Music Connect. What will it include? Well, there’s a hip-hop track, an alternative rock interlude, dance song and so.

  1. Black Sun Track One (Intro, Ambient)
  2. Black Sun Track Two (Alt Rock Interlude)
  3. Black Sun Track Three (House)
  4. Black Sun Track Four (Hip-Hop)
  5. Black Sun Track Five (?)
  6. Black Sun Track Six (?)
  7. Black Sun Track Seven (?)


Vice City Definitive Edition?

I thought of a remastered Vice City with better graphics for some time, and now I chose that I woould probably be the one who will start develop it. Of course, new graphics have to be optimized well to run on every possible machine, so don’t expect any dramatic changes. It would be oriented more on making the game look good in year 2015 and so the textures could eat 4x more pixels. Anyway, this is the logo that I willl use, if this becomes real thing:

Vice City Mod logo

GTA3: First Builds

GTA3: First Builds is my first big project since my failure with VCBE, a.k.a. Vice City Beta Edition. This project has been developed secretly since fall 2012, when I figured out how to change the graphics of the game to make it look like it was supposed to look like in early phases of GTA3 development. And when I did some first notable changes to the graphics, it was clear that this is the mod I will do. But I decided to keep it secret as I didn’t have and I still don’t have much time. Thus, First Builds are developed mostly during weekends. Currently the project is very near to it’s completion, which is the main reason why I already announced it two months ago. Continue reading